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Full Version: Peripherals indicators and friendly fire
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I will put in a bug report with TWI about these, though it will probably be ignored.
I have a feeling it only happens on some maps.
If anyone notices the indicators can you take note of what map it was.
Not heard people mention the friendly fire bug for a week or so, maybe that was sorted out during the last patch. But same, it seemed to only impact some maps.
just for personal clarification, what bug are we talking about?
It’s not a bug but a feature that sees little white coloured pips at the side of your display if there are 'detected' enemy in your peripheral.

Smart players use it as a radar to easily detect flanking players by scanning left to right on their flanks.

My servers have had that setting disabled from RO2/RS days but people have noticed it happening and I think it might be map specific.
I noticed those damned peripheral markers while playing on Campaign 3 over the weekend.

Definitely on Long Tan, and on a new map that I had to download (but now can't remember the name of, and I can't find a current map list to look it up).
Hmmm ok so it was definitely Long Tan mate. Will put in a report to TWI. Will probably be ignored.
The other map showing peripheral markers was Agent_Orange.

I haven't been able to play RS2 since then because it makes my rig reboot every time I launch it, but if I do manage to get it fixed I'll let you know if there are any other maps affected.
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