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Full Version: MT For Mod on RS2 Servers
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Hey guys, just thought i'd apply for being a mod on the rising storm 2 servers.

The reason I would like to apply is that I play a lot of late nights (work mostly night shifts) where no admins are online to deal with hostile players.
I believe i have some great qualities for the position as i play frequently on most servers and know most of the player base.
I'm not a perfect player by any mean's and i enjoy having a bit of fun, joking around with other players, but I know when to far is to far.

Anyway thanks for the read. Smile
+1, I know he's a good bloke and talkative.
jump on the discord and TEAMspeak probs the teamspeak most the admins use ts
re posted in the admin thread....
I mean last night you were suicide bombing with a chopper getting lots of tks.

Maybe not the smartest thing to do while you have an admin application.
LOL as Hellboy said "HELL NO!"
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