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Full Version: Winter War observations / suggestions
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Suggestions here and I will pass them over to the dev team working on the Winter War mod.
Personally i enjoy being able to choose the way the kill feed colours are displayed, at the moment even if you select the option to have friendlies blue, enemies red, it remains displaying finland blue, USSR red regardless of the faction you are playing on.

Another suggestion would be if the development team would be willing or able in the future to directly port Ro2:HoS maps over, especially the fictional scenario's because damn do i miss Bridges Tongue. Unless of course there is possibly Copyright issues or its just something the team is opposed/uninterested in looking at.

Regardless it was really great playing the mod with regular AussieGG players and look forward to playing it more often in the future.
I suspect the server setting is over-ruling and client options with regard to changing enemies red and friends blue.
Artillery seems to go on for TOO long. Some of the maps you can't really flank and you are forced to go head on at the enemy. Other than that it's pretty good, just needs general work to finish off the models and other stuff.
Te-Talvisota has a flaw where russian tank spawns on Finnish spawn point and can fire but the finns cant fight back
To be honest, in its current stage im just not vibing the mod.

Atleast it seems to have a all too steep learning curve for the new players and seems to lead them to RQ quickly.

Perhaps the option for a faster paced more forgiving gamemode/map (Urban combat or something) might make it a bit more palatable.

The graphics have gotten pretty good
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