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Full Version: Error on ALL servers when trying to join after Patch 10-7-19
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All three servers are not allowing a join after the last patch with the error...

"You cannot join the match because the server has downloadable content you do not"

Not sure what has happened here, but it has meant that all servers are empty.

Cheers, Ulric.
Looking now. There was an update over night but it seemed to be only about that silly green army toy shit. Seemed to be a non critical upate.
Updating servers now anyway.

I was playing the silly green army toy shit while waiting as all the other normal servers were full.

It does take you back to your childhood and damn they have done a good job on that mod.

The default mode is so arcadey its nuts..... run gun spam, but damn its a bit of fun for a change.

I would love to play that mod with hardcore settings.
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