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Full Version: CPU Upgrade
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I hope to have a server CPU upgrade today.
Hopefully that will remove the choppyness players have experienced since a recent update.
The CPU has been upgraded. It's a little better so here's hoping to gets rid of the stutting.
Out of interest what CPU did you go?
It now has a Intel Xeon E3 1271 V3 running at 4GHz
Thanks Cat!
Cheers Cat, you weren't interested in the new Ryzen 3000's then?

Thanks for upgrading
It's largely out of my hands. I rent a dedicated server from a company based in Sydney. It is housed in the Equinix data centre in Sydney

That company looks after all server side functions such as DDOS protection, patches, server software updates, as well as any hardware failures etc.

I just manage the software which is the RS2 game servers and a team speak server. I was using it for some work stuff but that is no longer the case.

Talk with other RS2 server ops say the recent patch has screwed something up with optimisation so it might be a case of waiting for it to be fixed rather throw more hardware and money at the problem.
Still working on a solution to the new lag issue. CPU update didnt do anything.
The lag spikes are consistent which is good and bad.
The last for 50 seconds and occur every four minutes. That’s the bad part.
The good part is because they are consistent the server people can have a really good look at what is happening with the server and work out a problem. If it is something on the server causing the problem then the server guys will get onto it really quickly. If it is something happening with the game, like a SteamWorkShop issue or something else, I wouldn’t expect a quick fix.
Will know more tomorrow.
thnx cat! hopefully it will be it will be fixed soon
I ended up deleting all the servers and reinstalling them.
Unfortunately the Steam Work Shop isnt working so unless you have the custom maps they will not download from the server as they are supposed to.
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