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Full Version: spark vs 0 coy
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i was posting to see if we could set up a scrim match between the 2 clans.

what we need to do is
-team sizes
-role limitations
-winning conditions

post your availability and etc below guys
Any day other than fri or sat, after 12pm. Saturday would be a maybe.
I'm available any time to roll me some Spark!
Fri / Sat / Sun evenings are best for me. Otherwise weeknight evenings...
I'm sure I'd be able to password a server for you kids. Only issue would be that there would be no spectators. I could just continually refresh the page and kick people who aren't in either clan.
Fri/Sat evenings best for me... HOWEVER it won't be this weekend, because I'm moving house, and I won't have interwebs up and running in the new place for a few weeks :/

So I imagine i'll probably miss it, unless we have it this Wednesday or Thursday night.
I'm good Fri, Sat and Sunday, anytime
Whats this?

The competition to see who might be good enough to take on Blitz?*

* if Blitz can find more than 4 and field a team.
The top two from Spark and coy vs Blitz?
hubert you too scary, no ty, go away blitz let the kids play
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