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Full Version: Ro2 server?
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There has been alot of talk about RO2 being the better game recently.
I want to see if enough people would play to warrent a server.
There is probably already a thread for this but i could not find it
I'd be keen to boot it back up. Just need another 62 players Big Grin
we used to say the same thing for ro1/DH when RO2 was released and nobody would ever turn up for the old game

Convinced a handful of my mates to buy ro2 / rs1 on steam sale, wondering if a server
ran for a time to see what traction we could get?

Even if it started as a monthly event?

Not many seem to be on the rs2 servers these days, might bring people
out of the woodwork?
i think we are tooo scattered about as a community, everyone has moved to other guys , squad, post scriptum . lame let loose (hahaha)
remember when the darkest hour server filled up... that was epic! But yeah don't see RO2 filling up more than one time.
Keen to get back into RO2!
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