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Full Version: Thinking back...
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To when HoS was still pretty new. Played often on a server, in Germany I think, that had set everything to "11" so to speak. Clock set at a squillion minutes, reinforcements for each side set at a billion, one was forced to play the map. Couldn't just run shit down. Wait for the clock, wait for enemy reinforcements to be depleted, because neither of these ever happened. One had to fight! On a full server, bots aside, one could play the same map for hours until a conclusion. Frustrating as fuck, at times, but still, oh so good.
the good old days of stuff like the massive maps on Darkest Hour spending 2 hours fighting across using the transports the way better tank combat than Ro2 had and the little details like falling down when shot in the leg or dropping your weapon when hit in the hand and picking up ammo pouches instead of just the gun so if you where using a svt 40 for example you could pick up the ammo pouch from a dead guy with a mosin and use his stripper clips or if you picked up an enemy weapon you also had to grab the ammo pouch. but now we have CoD style fast paced stuff
Back to Ostfront with weapons shot out of hands, if that was where the shot hit, that you had to pick back up. And Mare Nostrum, which had some huge maps to traverse before one ever made contact. Spray and pray only ever effective at rather close range.

Damn. Sound like an old fart.
My god I'm not even that old and I feel old just reminiscing of one of the first massive shooter games i ever played. So many good memories from Ostfront and DH.

Never forget playing a custom map that was the attack on Berlin and the only tactic was to flood as many troops down narrow streets and side buildings and the only way was forward. Countless screams at our teammates telling them to get up and move forward.

I don't think I've ever played a game thats come close to how intense the battles were back in the day.

100v100 please return
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