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Full Version: DOES ANYone even check this anymore
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BESIDEs me or Geebus and maybe actis?? i think the community has D E A D?
I do.
Once or twice a week. See nothing new, and go, because have nothing new and exciting to share, nor do others it seems.
Bit sad
I check in every week
Yeah seems pretty deaded ... I miss all the good times Sad
well im playing Post scriptum most nights on the only aussie server lol
sorta playing squad again

not really liking hell let loose
yeah not very active after the devs for RS2 said no more support
Still active here playing RS2. Is there anyway we can get more admins on Rs2 ? or is there a way I can put my hand up and apply to become an admin?

Still an idiot or two away from killing the server when its full.
ill have a chat with geebus and see what we can do
Thank you Purge.
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