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Full Version: The funniest thing I saw today
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while gaming was a player opining at the very start of the round, in that deep, I'm being serious, and I know what I am talking about voice "snipers are pretty redundant on this map."

Ding - sniper headshot, and he's dead 10 seconds later. I started giggling.

Ding - me, with a scope - killing that sniper few seconds after. I laughed so hard a bit of wee almost came out.

He didn't say a fucking thing after that to give him his due.
Still playing RS2, though it is rather broken still since the update - habit though; a bit of Beyond the Wire; an occasional smattering of Post Scriptum; Squad is on sale, so may have a go at that. Hmmmm. Am sensing a developing trend with games by certain devs with that list.

Went on a jag back to my past a lil while back playing some Hidden & Dangerous 2. Fucked around with Uboat, but found the skill needed maxed out relatively early on, so got bored.

Looking forward to '83, but this is feeling rather like the TWI announcement of Heroes of Stalingrad years ago - Announced. Wait wait wait. Beta. Wait wait wait and wait. 'Stable' release. Reset. Hopefully not the case with 83, but...
but i want extra virgin diamond oil
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