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Full Version: Aussie / NZ servers - down but not out
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Hi guys,

I am going to drop the Aussie / NZ Rising Storm game servers for the moment.
Can't justify the $180 a month bill for the server given the current game population.
This will mean the Team Speak server will also no longer function.

I am keen to get back into operating game servers when the time is right.

At the moment I continue to focus on keeping my businesses afloat which now includes cutting expenses.

This website will remain operating as it is under a different cost centre and linked to a bunch of other businesses I operate.

Hopefully it wont be too long before another game captures the community's attention and I can get back into hosting a server.

I would like to thank the server admins that have helped make the Aussie / NZ a great place to play. Without you this place was nothing.

Also many thanks to the players that were regulars and gave the Aussie / NZ server experience one of the best. You guys are tops.

No worries cat has been a pleasure. Sad that the servers are going to go down. Will be looking forward to seeing a RO3 to bring the community back
THNX CAT, sad but undstandable lets hope ro3 is a good game hahahahahahahahaha
holey crap the server was full last night
Damn fun and fine time Cat hopefully not to long.
(31-07-2021 02:41 PM)Geebus Wrote: [ -> ]holey crap the server was full last night

Seriously ?
Some good news, a youtuber that makes frequent RO2 videos got a response from tripwire on twitter last year about RO3. Quote "It is highly likely we will make on in the future"

Otherwise thanks for everything Cat, can't wait for the old crew to get back together when they release another game, it will be like old times. I have lots of memories playing with everyone! RO2 was a huge part of my life growing up as a teenager and coming into my 20s. I miss logging on with everyone and just blowing off some steam and talking shit. Thankyou for making that possible for me and so many others Smile
Thanks Cat, I really enjoyed my time on your servers and regularly look back on it fondly. Take care and all the best for your businesses.
Thanks for all the years of hosting the servers Cat.
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