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Full Version: Vale Tom Kefecek a.k.a Capt Scarlett
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lames very lames
I came back to this forum for the first time in years because Capt. Scarlet randomly popped into my head. I'm sad to hear he has passed. May he scream at noobs to get into the cap in the next life too
Sad news. He could be difficult but his heart was in the right place, and he was fun to talk to. Too young.

We gotta get this community back together. It's a good bunch of guys. Nothing since has come anywhere near it.
Very sad news, he was a special part of the Aussie/NZ RO2 community for its entire length. I and I believe many others of this community are waiting eagerly for tripwire to release another installment of this franchise so we can all get back into the action together. I am sure we will talk for hours in memory of Capt Scarlet. He will be missed by everyone. As niLpointer said. There has been no other community experiance like this. I miss it so much. Just goes to show that after a few years of everyone moving onto other games we still cherish the memories of playing together.

RIP Scarlet you'll be missed.
This is shocking news. Never knew he was Newy based. And when I read about it this, I had to double check.
Knock me down with a feather, but I had drinks with Tomi on a number of occasions years ago - we seem to know some of the same people.
Knew who Tomi was, knew who Scarlet was, but never in a million years realised they were the same person. The in-game persona was verrrrry different to the man at the pub.

An interview, shot a few years back, in that same beer garden by some people locally.

See you around fella
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