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Full Version: Arty? about STUKAS?!?!?
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Sorry, couldn't figure out how to embed...
I'm happy in my pants right now 
Awesome. Would be cool if it came in with machine guns blazing too...
Stuka dive attack instead of rockets for Germans? I could go for that!
I love that howling siren.
I'm assuming in Rising Storm the top-level fire support will be naval bombardment.... looking forward to that!
Very cool............always wondered why this hadn't been done before
Awesome - The Jehrico Horns on the wings, crappy mg wing mounts and radio gunner machine gun stafing.
Had an mate I was with in the army whose grandfather was a gunner / radio operator had to use the silk three times and on the fourth never made it.
Russians should get the "coffee grinder" bi-plane as compensation. Observer has the grenade throwing and also uses PPSH.
One of my wife's grandfathers was a B-17 tailgunner in the USAF in WW2. Survived then worked for Boeing after the war in top secret R&D.
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