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Hey dudes,
So apparently the new RO2 patch is coming out very soon and will give me the ability to lengthen the spawn time of the tank separate to the infantry. yay!
Just wanted to ask you guys what you think would be the an appropriate time. 30sec? 45? 1min? more? And if there are any tread heads here, how long is too long to wait for you crazy kids?
I was really hoping, along with the spawn time change that I could give the tank a certain amount of lives, ie. 8 lives and that's it but that didn't happen unfortunately.
thanks for any suggestions!

Considering how bloody hard it is to take out a competent tanker on that map, make it a minute, at least.
Having driven the tank on Bridges a decent amount, i'd have to agree with Rabid. The first objectives (until the map gets beyond the bakery/into the urban section) are the ones where the tank seems most useful, and are also the ones where it's got a relatively short distance to travel from spawn to objective. So yeah, I'd say a minute timer at least.
I really don't think limiting the number of tank spawns would work out well. Say; if the attacking team gets a completely incompetent tanker who uses X number of spawns before they're even past the trenches by the bridge or even just runs out of spawns very quickly, it could lead to a stalemate lasting the remainder of the map. One resembling those that I remember seeing in the beta before the tank was introduced. Without any tank I remember those early parts of the map weren't pleasant/fun to be attacking on at all.
In short though, yeah, I agree with Rabid.
Oooh, I had an idea!  Once you get into the urban environment there should be a lot more tank obstacles that need to be cleared by Engineers before the tank can progress.  What do you guys think?
From the update changelog: "Added a weapon pickup factory which lets designers place a weapon anywhere in the level, that the player can then pick up and use"
Leave a few a stockpile of AT weapons at each cap zone maybe?
continuation of Rabid idea:
addition of german AT stockpiles around the rubble outside of school/inside of school, the building to the right of fountain, and the building to the right of offices, this would make russians have to move and secure these area's before advancing, and slow down their advance (so less russian stomps) maybe an AT stockpile behind the burnt out car on the bridge or the trenches for B/C.
on the respawn timer, i think a minute would be suitable, it would also force people who like to run over people *cough ausanon *cough to play more conservatively and hence make the tank harder for Germans to advance/make Russians stop being retards and protect THE GOD DAMN TANK
gentle lemons.
Thanks for the suggestions guys. 1 minute it is.
I'll try to work out the new weapon pickup thingy too (hopefully they've written a tutorial somewhere on how to do it) and dump some AT gear around. I'll give some of your spots a try Kimbo, maybe not as many though. The tank could become useless if everyone's got easy access to AT gear.
btw how do I subscribe to a thread on here?
Yeah i suggested quite a few, but just to give some idea's, even the forest/park area left of fountain, but i think the strongest ones would be closer to D/C/F/G and then one next to offices.
Yeah i suggested quite a few, but just to give some idea's, even the forest/park area left of fountain, but i think the strongest ones would be closer to D/C/F/G and then one next to offices.
To subscribe you have to flag it.
Also since we're talking about bridges here...
As a Machine/AT gunner these sorts of things really bug me...
There are others out there but these are the only 2 I remembered to screenshot.
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