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Full Version: Expression of Interest. New Gaming Clan.
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Hi all.

My name is Stuart aka 'phunk', 25, I've been a gamer for over 12 years.

This is purely an expression of interest thread for anyone 18+ that might be interested in joining a clan with possibilities to create a community. I've been thinking for sometime about creating a clan/community that has all members involved as much as they desire. And not just focusing on RO2 but expanding into other games to mix it up.

The aim is to create a clan of roughly 30-40 members, and within the community and have separate battalions made up of 6-8 members with each player having their own role within their battalion, and also have the opportunity to climb up the ranks among their battalion and the community.

As members expand and new battalions are created the goal is to host a ladder where each team would vs each other over a few months to eventually find the top battalion within the community for that season. Battalions will have to work as a team and create strategies and tactics to overcome their fellow community members.

The community would host gaming servers, a voice server, and a website with forums to keep everyone updated and a place to hangout.

If this sounds like something you may be interested in, please contact me via-
Steam- phunkkk
Xfire- biakronic

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