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Full Version: (EuroSwagClub) OPEN FOR ANYONE
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I noticed that my old thread got deleted, i can understand why because we were getting a bit off topic there but you should have given me a warning. This time ill keep the thread on topic about my clan and its activites, and i would also like to say that i am taking this thread seriously and i am not "trolling" about my clan.

Greetings my fellow scholars and gentlemen

I have come to this barren forum to introduce to you a brand new clan on the Aussie NZ RO2 Server, the EuroSwagClub. This clan is open to anybody and if you feel like joining go ahead, the clan members loves fedoras and MLP (thats my little pony for all you n00bz toplel)

All you need to do to join my elite gaming clan is put (EuroSwagClub) in front of your steam name and be proud of it. You wear this clan tag like you wear your fedora, with pride!

Rewards for joining:
1.Great Pride
2.A fedora with a colour of your choice
3.A 10000x Folded Katana blade with a colour of your choice

1. Have gamer goggles and gamer gloves
2. Have the mindset of an elite gamer (toplel) and don't let anybody bring your euphoria down.
3. You MUST and i repeat MUST preach the word of the almighty fedora lord Euphorion, he is the most elite gamer in the universe and he has every piece of gaming equipment in the world (yes, even gamer food lel)

Current Members:
(EuroSwagClub) Smelly
(EuroSwagClub) Broosy
(EuroSwagClub) Nezs
(EuroSwagClub) Splendid.Solace
(EuroSwagClub) Sgt.Swinglow
(EuroSwagClub) Doc H
(EuroSwagClub) Slug
(EuroSwagClub) Cunt Destroyer

note: i would appreciate if this thread would not get deleted like it did last time, without warning and without reason. Thank you.

[Image: 1385848146006.jpg]
fedoras are gay
(30-05-2014 12:11 AM)illvision Wrote: [ -> ]fedoras are gay

Bit rude mate and please keep it ON TOPIC.
Heil Euroswagers *tips*
Maybe a smidgen off topic but since fedoras are your thing I figured you should see this.
(31-05-2014 04:17 PM)Gypsy_Slayer Wrote: [ -> ]Maybe a smidgen off topic but since fedoras are your thing I figured you should see this.
That is literally the best thing I have ever seen. That website is a gold mine
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