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Full Version: Zero Company clan recruiting
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Hey guys, here at [0 Coy] we are recruiting regular RO2 players who would like to join our clan. With this we hope we will be more prominent on the server (kicking more ass) and move towards working with the admins of the server and the other two clans spark and blitz in coordinating clan matches. If you are interested post here. Or message one of our members and we will get back to you.

If this all goes well I will need your help (kimjung, hubert and cat) in getting these matches going.
yeowie talk to Leper, i wont be available for a few months starting next week.
I'm not around for about a week from Monday. Will try to get you something before this.
I'm an expert at fellatio and a true coward!
(22-01-2015 02:14 AM)Drubead Wrote: [ -> ]I'm an expert at fellatio and a true coward!

Perfect for 0 Coy.
You will fit right in to their group
I'm keen to join and I play quite a bit as well.
alright iskar jarak add me on steam. and drubeard not sure if srs but add me if you are haha.
Do you guys play many scrims or do you just play casually on Aussie NZ RO2?
We used to play casually we tried in the past to get some small scrims going. But that was like 2 years ago. But now we are getting our shit together. so if you want to join add me.
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