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Hey i was just posting here to see what everyone thinks of slowly adding custom maps back in, I understand that it can fuck with population etc and i was wondering if a slow bi-monthly roll in would work.

list of maps i would like to see (please add to the list if i miss any)

-Climp up (because:STUKAAAAAAA'S)

-Gumrak Station (one of my favourite meat grinders in the game)

-No man's hill (i really like the layout this map presented, felt like a throw back to Battlefield conquest)

-Coldsteel (good solid map)

- Red assault (it was a pretty fun map)

-i can't remember the name, but it was that small map, where germans assault through a field into a small village, then move to the left to a couple of apartment/wrecked 2 story buildings finishing in a church on the right and village on the left i really liked that map for the most part

theres a few others whose name escapes me, but i think the community would benefit from the addition of the maps if they are slowly rolled in

I was thinking the same thing but was optimistic TWI would put out the next map pack. However they keep dragging their feet.
I agree with all of Kim's maps.. aside from No man's hill.

I think we're due for a new map rotation some time soon >_>

Gumrak Station and Cold Steel will both be out in a few weeks (hmmm that means 2 months in TWI talk).

I just added Climb Up. Map list on the main server is now. No change to the Campaign server.

Where's Apartments?

Or has my idea of an ALL NIGHT APARTMENTS finally caught on?
Cimbup breaking the kessel/winterwald grind is good news.
(01-05-2013 07:07 PM)KiwiKing Wrote: [ -> ]Where's Apartments?

Or has my idea of an ALL NIGHT APARTMENTS finally caught on?

If the server crashes you get to play Apartments as a reward.

There was that Danzig 24/7 server for RO1 that was popular in the dying days of RO1. It was one of the only servers with 40+ players and everyone hated playing the same map over and over. yet they did.

Apartments is a remake of Dazig for non RO1 folk.
So your saying that when KiwiKing gets his way, the ride is basically over?
I suppose.. I could rig up Campaign to attack/defend continually on the sector with Apartments..
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