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Full Version: weapon mutator removal/ due to map-server dropout+
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Just wondering if you Cat in the Hat could post up you knowledge on how to remove these weapon mods (Kar-98 & mosin sound mod) )properly so those who have these and experience the map drop out at the start of each map can be rid of the drop out and having to re-join servers.
I have heard heaps of people asking how to remove them, but I canty remember what you told me to do to get rid of them completely Cat, so if you could post up a 'how-to' That would be awesome. I you have done it already a link would be equally as awesome.Wink
oh yeah i remember this from declutter mod iirc you have to find and remove all mod files in your directory, since disabling it doesnt actually do anything LOL
I mean it literally says how to properly uninstall in every description of every sound mod. Also says that the disconnects will happen. Inattentive people will have problems. Read what shit does before you get it lol.

Also we've tried convincing the mod maker to do it properly to no avail. As you can properly do client side mutators. The sound mods aren't a mutator it's literally just replacing a client side package which the game doesn't like.
Go to documents/mygames/redorchestra2/rogame/published/cookedpc/
In that folder you will find files that have a .u or .upk extension.
You should be able to identify the ones that are causing you grief.
Delete them.
Probably not ideal to have RO2 running when you do it.
Also, make sure you have unsubscribed from the jerkshop otherwise you will reacquire the files.
Thanks, I hope those who where asking about it find this. They were winging it was a server issue.
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