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Full Version: Announcing new clan Spark
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Hey guys, in co-operation with Jazza and Misanthrope we would like to announce the formation of a new semi-casual RO2 clan:


We want to provide the community with a strong teamwork orientated way of playing, but still maintaining that casual feel. We will be focusing on Red Orchestra 2, but we may branch out into other games in the future if the group wants to try that (Arma 3, TF2, Dota2 [No league of Legends])

All players are welcome however high ranking positions (squad leaders, team leaders, machine-gunners, etc.) will be reserved for players with high merit. If you can show us you can do it, you will probably get that role. Most importantly you should be willing to have a laugh. Although we will be doing proper squad and teamwork, be relaxed and have a laugh.

If you are interested in joining us contact either me or Jazza through private messaging us on the forums. Please provide any info you can on your preferences and availability, plus a link to your Steam profile.

On our to-do list:
  • starting up training sessions at least once a week
  • get in contact with other clans to see if they're up for some friendly matches in the future

Kimjungillex & Jazza


I would love to see some clan games happening.
BTW I feel dirty after watching that video.....
What's all this talk of training... Maybe I should be worried, but I'm sure Blitz can still take you no matter how many practice sessions you put in.
Just wait til Missy and I make our clan..

And our theme will be Gay Bar so SUCK IT.
Zero Company wipes the floor with everyone. They have Yeowie.
(13-05-2013 01:31 PM)KiwiKing Wrote: [ -> ]And our theme will be Gay Bar so SUCK IT.

We're fucked.
And Missy joined your clan. WHAT THE HELL.

The only issue I have about making a clan is that It'll stop me being #2 on the server, because it will change my name.. lol
(13-05-2013 05:31 PM)KiwiKing Wrote: [ -> ]The only issue I have about making a clan is that It'll stop me being #2 on the server, because it will change my name.. lol

Oh yeah that's true. Maybe we can make clan tags optional. Personally I'm not a fan of clan tags because they clutter my name.

I wonder if there's a way to merge multiple Steam names in the leaderboards...
I'm not sure, but if you type in "Misan" you get..

42 [0 coy] Misanthrope 13737 69.1 3.31
74 [0 coy] Misanthrope| 9269 26.78 5.77
157 |Misanthrope| 4988 16.55 5.02
907 Misanthrope | NoLabe 930 5.78 2.68
1233 Misan Von Doom 633 1.42 7.45
2107 spark | Misanthrope 307 1.82 2.82
3534 Misanthrope 136 0.55 4.1

I don't want to lose my spot.

So I guess I'll just stay unclanned. Or eventually make one, and just not have it show.
That is weird. you would think the leaderboard would go off your steam ID.

Also great work on the new clan fellas. We tried to get a few clan matches up last year but it didnt turn out that well.
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