Rest In Peace Capt.Scarlett The Aussie/NZ community would have been a dull place without you

Donate and never be refused access when the Aussie / NZ server is full!

Server donors get VIP member access to the server so even if it is full (which is pretty much every night!) you'll still get in.

Donate $10 and get VIP access for a year. If you donate $5, you will get VIP access for six months. Just trying out the game but want to be a VIP, donate $1 and get it for one month.

A few things we need to get you set as a VIP. Make sure you clearly identify who you are so give us your Steam URL or ID NUMBER. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT. It looks like this STEAM_0:0:12307669 or this

Your donation may be refunded and VIP access not granted at the discretion of admins or the server operator.

Setting up the VIP access is not an automated process but we try to get to it ASAP. A gentle reminder as a post doesnt hurt.

Once-Off Donation

You can make a once-off donation by entering your donation amount and clicking the 'Donate' button.

$ from /

Please note that Paypal account is for IndyPics Pty Ltd so it takes you to after it completes your transaction.

Past Donors for RO2 and RS2