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False 14D ban
Posts: 3
Joined: Apr 2019
In-Game Name: Shane Dawson

Server Information: Aussie Good gamers #3 RS2

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:139725374

Banning Admin Name: Don't know

Reason For Ban: Tk'ing and being a dick

Appeal: Hey

Sorry about the fact i didn't have an appeal chrome freaked the fuck out.
Appeal: Me and my mate (Shane Dawsons's cat) were screwing around having bayonet fights with each other, (just generally fucking around, while also getting a few kills) during one of our heated bayonet battles a player saw us and shot my friend, i then went up to the guy and asked him why he did it, after which he also shot me. The player who shot me and my friend then started complaining, about our low score to an admin (other people also started complaining about it after seeing our score) which then resulted in a ban for me and my friend before i could say anything/ justify why i had such a low score. The admin also said that this was our last warning before we got banned, however about a minute after he said that we ended up banned.
In the end me and my friend got fucked over, and the admin just banned us on the spot without any evidence that we were "TK'ing and being dicks".
26-04-2019, 11:17 PM

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