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1 Day Ban for Tking for - No TK's
Posts: 7
Joined: Feb 2019
Could someone please explain, why I got a 1 day ban for TKING, having not Tk'ed anyone?

Is this because Lemonator was in the server and couldnt fly, so I initiated a role vote?

What gives?

I was playing under an alias, 03 Greedo.

Hahaha so checking the profiles, Lemonater is an admin, mate, if you cant fly, don't

It takes more than one person to role vote.

Don't be a sour cunt.
10-05-2019, 08:46 PM
Posts: 25
Joined: Feb 2018
Well looking into it but i can say it wasnt lemonator who banned you.
10-05-2019, 09:56 PM
Posts: 179
Joined: Nov 2015
At the very beginning of the match you asked for the helicopter role. You didn't get it.

I landed successfully several times.

I NEVER crashed once.

And I was shot down a couple of times.

So where's the bad flying there? I wasn't the one who banned you. But apparently you've pulled something similar before. Plus you started initiating rolevotes pretty damn quickly. There's a new bug with 1.3 where all helicopters now are very deadly to simply touch when they are on. That's how all the teamkills were happening. People getting out and running into the helicopter. You can tell as the kill icon was the squished icon not the explosion icon. Most of those got forgiven. But that's what you used as the excuse to rolevote me. As soon as you saw those teamkills you initiated the first one. You weren't even in the chopper the first time.

Plus why did you want the chopper. I've heard stories you mess around with them. But they're just stories.

Also whoever it was who replaced me immediately crashed twice in a row lol. The game said it was you on the spawn menu but that's broken so it could have been anyone. My game actually broke after that. I was stuck in a loop of rolevotes and had to quit.
11-05-2019, 12:28 AM
Posts: 124
Joined: Aug 2015
lemonator is a fine chopper pilot Geedo you is smoking crack
11-05-2019, 01:15 PM

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