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Full Version: SHINY!
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Wow forum looks good! Can't wait for all the future debates that will take place here Tongue THANKS CAT!
This is going to be mighty interestin', I think
(I hope)
Hopefully we can start some fun shit.
From what I've seen, this Hunter Killer character is an absolute goose.. I hope he's not scared to join up and actually talk in a fair etc. environment, lol
So I had a lengthy conversation with
Needless to say, this guy is an utter FUCKWIT. In the early stages of the conversation he brought his friend Bender in, and neither of them could support anything they were saying.. I was going to post the logs, but decided against it.. however one jewel:
]-[uNTeR^Ki||eR: I've been on computers my whole life (or something), I know C+, C++ and Dephi
My fucking face when there's no such thing as C and it's Delphi, not Dephi.. and my fucking face when he, later, admitted he only said it because he had no idea what he was talking about.. Jesus christ, that was honestly tedious - he's literally one of the most stupid individuals I've ever had the misfortune to talk to. At first he accused me of being a geek etc, then started claiming I type too fast or something, and then that I look down on him becuz he typz lyk diz ie lyk a compleat fuken idiet.. But yeah, honestly, this guy needs to be shot.
This idiot doesn't deserve to be allowed onto the server anymore

"...My fucking face when there's no such thing as C..."

He was calling me a troll for trusting in science instead of conspiracy theories. Don't ban him though because he also had a go at me for being 'an smg spam' so i want to kick his ass with Bolts.


"...My fucking face when there's no such thing as C..."


You can come down now, I meant  no such thing as C+, haha. Mr Killer said "I know C+ and C++" and I was like.. bro.. there's no such thing as C+.. you mean C (which I'm learning at the moment).. and then I cried
*glances in and looks around*
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