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Full Version: War Movies
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Just a video on some movies people may want to watch..ill leave this here , feel free to add to the list yourselves..
Now I love war movies and watch anything, but Dunkirk did nothing but annoy and piss me off with the jumping around from person to person, even pissed the wife off.
Hey Ya'll here's a list of films for you to check out. Some quite confronting and brutal but depict the horrors of war.

*I thought Dunkirk was a bit rubbish too. Yeah the story jumped too much and it was predominantly an allied bias film not depicting the actual scale of how big the events of Dunkirk actually were.

Ok so apart from the obvious films i.e. The dirty dozen, Das Boot, The longest day, Saving Private Ryan, Where eagles dare, Platoon, Kellys Heroes, The guns of Navarone, Thin red line, bladi bladi blah.......... Here we go;

Come and See (Russian)
First Kill (Doco)
Dien Bien Phu (Only in Vietnamese or French that I know of)
The Brest Fortress (Russian)
Stalingrad (German 1993 Version) (Also 2013 Russian version not bad-overdramatized)
Ambush (Finnish 1992)
Max Manus: Man of War (Norwegian Campaign)
The Last Bullet (Snipers in Borneo)
Land of Mine (Danish 2015)
Black book
71' (Irish-English conflict)
Bat 21
Days of Glory
Operation Crossbow
The Ogre
War witch
Beasts of no Nation
Cross of Iron
City of Life and Death (Chinese\Japanese campaign)
Merrils Marauders
The Devils Brigade
Operation Daybreak
Winter in wartime (Dutch-Oorlogswinter)
Generation War (German 3 part series)
Beneath hill 60
Danger Close...
heres a good Docco on it. Sam is narating .
Because I have a thing for Scandi film - no comments from the peanut gallery, thanks - Flammen & Citronen is quite good. Danish resistance film, that Max Manus, as a film, sometimes aped
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